If you help the poor, you are lending to the LORD and he will repay you!

Prov:19 17

Welcome to SamaritansBlood

About Samaritansblood.com

How this concept began

Whenever we are in need of blood and we approach the blood bank authorities, we are asked to find a blood donor and we get the required blood only in exchange of that donor. In such circumstances, we come to know that the blood already given away as charity through blood donation camps etc. is not available to us now when there is a need. Investigation and research regarding the blood given away as charity inspired us to develop a virtual blood bank.
Travelling through the interior villages of India, we came to know that due to diseases like chicken guinea and dengue, surgeries, accidents, other platelet count down diseases, maternity cases etc. , the requirements of blood are high whereas the availability of blood is low. Also these villages do not have blood banks or hospitals which have the capacity to store blood, whereby they depend on hospitals in cities. In case of accidents, victims have to be taken too far which results in loss of time and loss of blood. Out of 100 cases, only 20 are expected to survive. The sad thing is that unavailability of blood plays the villain role here. In the above circumstances, we came to understand where the problem lies. We are not able to track blood donors in the same locality with the same blood group. This inspired us to develop the concept of virtual blood bank which can work in mobile app also.
It is painful to see that racism and untouchability are once again returning to Indian society. In this scenario, we hope and believe that if people could donate their life giving blood disregarding their caste, creed or religion, it will bring about a revolution and harmony in society, where the blood receiver shall develop a keen interest and thankfulness towards the donor or the society to which the donor belongs. Every blood receiver and his family get an opportunity to thank the donor for his kind-heartedness.
These three reasons inspired Samaritans to start this new project called Samaritansblood.com.


Donate Blood to Save Life


No death without getting blood.

How blood bank works

Samaritansblood.com will not store any blood and we do not have any infra-structure of storing blood. This is a virtual blood bank concept where we connect donor and the receiver.

Village volunteers

Our volunteers will mobilize and collect the details of donors even from the interior parts of villages. They also educate them about the divinity and serenity of the mission. The collected database is stored in our virtual blood bank.

IT Promotion

We will be promoting our website through all kinds of social Medias (facebook, twitter, google etc.) where internet users can avail the idea of virtual blood bank and fill the applications through website.

Hospital promotion

We will get into touch with all the hospitals, clinics, medical centres etc. and provide them the Samaritansblood.com hotline numbers. In case of emergency they can avail our services. We are also planning to put our promotional ads in every hospital.
People who require blood intimates us through hotline numbers, SMS, messages or emails. Now the Samaritansblood.com Customer care executives will collect detailed information such as the demanded blood group, the name of the recipient, address and the name of the hospital. He searches his database to find the nearest donor and allow the willing donor to meet the recipient.
Also we shall update the same data in our mobile app and the public can download it and use it accordingly.


1. Our virtual blood bank services are entirely free of cost for the public.
2. It helps the recipient to find the donor within his own Panchayat thereby saving a lot of time.
3. It gives an opportunity for the blood recipient to thank his donor.
4. Today’s donor can be tomorrow’s recipient.